Monday, March 18, 2013

To a new beginning and death of the presets

So I have been producing electronic music for a couple of years now and find myself still awaiting for that "sound".  That "sound" being what defines you as an artist.  Countless times I have watched interviews of all my favorite producers/musicians, and always their best advice to those starting out was to distinguish yourself from other artists...pretty much saying kids these days really need to stop copying my shit.  This is hard with the vast amounts of lucrative preset packs making their rounds by means of torrents.

eenie meenie...
So after several years of listening to these interviews and several years of saying "yeah, yeah..." I find myself running low on possible permutations and combinations of presets that sound good together, but I am still struggling to take that leap of faith away from my safety blanket.  Well that day has come. Trying to update my graphics drivers I managed to turn my machine into a barely usable state.  This led me to say eff it, I am wiping it.  The only shame being the loss of my unfinished works (Too lazy to store on external drive).  This is my clean slate, my new beginning and I challenge you to do it too (Not by updating your graphics driver). I'm curious to see in the upcoming weeks how my "sound" changes from using just my re-installed daw and my favorite vst's wiped clean of any trace of torrent presets.  

It will not be an easy road to recovery and i'm sure i'll have my frustrating moments of withdrawal, but I believe after much time spent scrolling through the same overused sounds I may be on my way of finding the oh so cliched "unique sound".  I'm a lazy human being with at times a less then average will power, but if I can do this all you preset hoarders can too.

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