Thursday, July 18, 2013

Carb Backloading Day 1,2(ULC)

I have started Carb Backloading. For those of you unaware it's a nutrition program created by John Kiefer, which entails primarily of the timing of your carb intake. On strength training days you have ULC meals (Ultra Low Carb) up until your training (Ideally at 4pm) at which you have a carbohydrate overload. Protein is at 1g/lb of bodyweight and fats are high as well.  Both fats and proteins may be consumed prior to training, but carbs may not.  On off days or cardio days high protein and fats are maintined, while keeping carbs to approx 30g/day (This number may vary on indiviual).  The goal of this program is ultimately to lose body fat while maintaining strength and muscle mass.

Programmees have a choice of doing a 10 day carb cut (30g/day) prior to starting the program, this is recommended for those of which who have above 10% bodyfat, myself included (12-13%). This is the evening of my second day of ULC and I will post my meals and training.  I will also at some point post current pictures of myself to track my progress and decide whether this program is ultimately for me, which it very well may not be.

July 16/13

Weight 7:00 = 183lbs
*My typical weight is 190lbs I felt somewhat depleted before starting this diet.  Bf at 12-13%.

My Training for the past 9 months has been Jim Wendler's 5/3/1 , which I strongly recommend for those of you looking to increase strength while maintaining some bodybuilding aspects.  This week is a deload week (light weight) so I saw this as a great opportunity to start my carb cutting. I strength train 4 days a week Monday,Tuesday,Thursday and Friday.


*I should also add that waiting 2 hours after waking before first meal is recommended by Kiefer on everyday.

8:30- Coffee with cream
10:00- half cup of cottage cheese with 50g Almonds
11:30- Spinach + Kale salad with a can of filleted herring.
13:30- Same as previous meal.
15:00- 50g Almonds
18:00- Post workout shake 1 Scoop whey isolate, 1tb coconut oil, 5g creatine and 5g glutamine
19:00- 1 cup skinless chicken with low carb bbq sauce.


I start every deadlift day with 500m of rowing and mobility stretches and exercises found on and some recommendations by Bryce Lewis who can be found on YouTube.

-Deadlifts (185x5, 225x 5, 315 x5)
-Pullups ( 5 sets of 10)
-Hammer Strength rows ( 4 sets of 12)

July 17/13

I was unable to weigh myself in the am today

I bought a Hershey's Cookies and Creme as a sort of advent calender, because I have never cut carbs in my life and I have always had an extremely high carb intake.  This is motivation to get through these 10 days. There was 12 pieces so I ate 4 to catch up ;). DEEEElicous.


9:00-Coffee with cream.
10:00- half cup of cottage cheese with 50g almonds.
11:00- Spinach salad with 50g of chicken.
12:00- Spinach salad with 50g of chicken.
13:30- Spinach salad with 50g of chicken.
15:00- half cup of cottage cheese with 50g almonds.
17:00- Shake 1 Scoop whey isolate, 1tb coconut oil, 5g creatine and 5g glutamine.
17:00- Fillet herring.
22:00- 3 Bacon strips and 3 whole eggs.


I biked 30k on my road bike.  I haven't used it in forever so my cadence meter's battery had died so I had no information regarding speed,distance etc. First 10k were extremely fatiguing, but my body adapted to this new extreme cardio for the next 20k. It was hard to notice carb depletion just because I wasn't used to this sort of cardio anyway.  I don't plan on doing any more intense cardio until I start Carb Backloading.

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