Saturday, July 20, 2013

How to screenshot on snapchat 5.0 without someone noticing on iphone

Sooo this isn't really music or fitness related, but it's electronic I suppose right?

Looking to screenshot that rack without the post screenshot attack? Want a pic of those jugs without her putting up your mug for the thugs? Do you want the tits without her realizing it? Do you wan..... Ok ok

1. When a snap is received and you know there's a possibility of a nudie. Assume battle position. That is thumb opening and holding the snap, right index on the lock button left thumb on home.

2. When snap is opened take a screenshot pressing all three digits. When screenshot has occurred remove solely the left thumb leaving your right thumb on screen and left index on lock, while holding this position press the home button three times to return to your home screen.

3. Tada! Use at your own discretion.

Now you have your nudies without her getting moody ;)

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